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9 Fascinating Facts About White Cats

Hey there, fellow cat lovers! Remember when we chatted about black cats? Well, today we dive into the world of white cats! These adorable fluffballs are more than just their beautiful white coats. So, get ready to learn some really cool facts about these amazing kitties.

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Pure White Is The Rarest Cat Color

Cats come in many beautiful colors and patterns. Interestingly, did you know that the rarest color among our feline friends is actually white? Only about 5% of all cats are solid white!

White Cats Aren’t One Single Breed

Guess what? There’s no official “white cat” breed. Just like calico and orange kitties, all-white cats don’t belong to a particular breed. Those adorable snow-colored furballs can be from various breeds like Persian, Khao Manee, Turkish Angora, Siberian, and Norwegian Forest cat.

But why are their coats so pure white? It’s all thanks to a special gene called W, also known as the masking gene. This gene has the power to hide every other coat color and pattern gene in the cat’s DNA, resulting in a gorgeous snowy white fur that we can’t help but admire!

White Cats Are Not Albino

Time to bust a myth! White cats and albino cats are not the same thing. White cats just have a special gene that makes their fur white, but albinism is a genetic condition where there’s no color in the skin, fur, or eyes. Albino cats are pretty rare, and what makes them stand out is their cool pale blue, pink, or red eyes

White Cats Can Have Very Unique Eye Colors

Let’s talk cat eyes! Did you know the color of a cat’s eyes depends on how much melanin their body makes? That’s why you’ll typically see light-colored eyes in white or light-colored cats. Speaking of white cats, they have seriously amazing eye colors – blue, green, gold, or copper. And some of these cuties even have two different colored eyes.

Many (But Not All) White Cats Are Deaf

White cats, especially the ones with blue eyes, are more likely to be deaf. It’s all because of the same gene that gives them that awesome snowy fur and those special eye colors. Here’s the interesting part: around 17 to 22 percent of white cats born without blue eyes might be deaf. If a white cat has one blue eye, that percentage goes up to 40. And if both eyes are blue, it can reach 65 to 85 percent.

They Can Get Sunburned, Too

Every cat, believe it or not, can get sunburned. But here’s the scoop: white cats, ones with white spots, and those with lighter fur are more likely to feel the burn, especially on their noses, eyelids, and ears.

White Cats are Perceived as Shy

Many people believe it, but actually, it’s not true. Remember, every cat is an individual, and its personality varies regardless of fur color. So, don’t be surprised if your white fluffball turns out to be a social butterfly!

White Cats Are Considered Lucky

In many cultures, white cats are symbols of good luck and prosperity. They’re like furry four-legged charms that bring positive vibes to their households.

Many White Cats Have Lived in the White House

Did you know that super cute white cats have actually lived presidential life in the White House? It’s true! The pure white kitties were William McKinley’s Turkish Angoras, called Enrique DeLome and Valeriano Weyler.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – a glimpse into the enchanting world of white cats! From their rare coat color to the quirky traits they may possess, these feline friends are full of surprises. Next time you encounter a white cat, remember the unique tale that comes with their snowy appearance.

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