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9 Surprising Fact About Female Cats

Last week, we explored 9 fun facts about male cats and this week, it’s all about the lovely ladies. So, let’s dive right in and discover nine amazing things about female cats that will make you appreciate them even more!

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Female Cats Are More Likely to be Right-Pawed

Did you know that our feline friends have a preference when it comes to their paws? It turns out that 52% of the female cats tend to be right-pawed, while males tend to prefer their left paws.

Almost All Tortoiseshell and Calico Cats Are Female

A whopping 99.99% of Tortoiseshell and Calico cats are lovely ladies. The combination of black, orange, and white colors in their fur is a result of intricate genetics linked to the X chromosome. So, the next time you come across a tortoiseshell or calico cutie, just keep in mind that it’s probably a she, not a he.

Female Orange Tabby Cats Are Rare

While we’re talking about coat colors, let’s talk about orange tabby cats. About 80% of them are males. Female orange tabby cats are a bit harder to come by because the gene for the orange coat is carried on the X chromosome.

They Are More Likely to Live Longer

On average, female cats live two years longer than their male counterparts. But of course, every cat is different, so this isn’t a hard and fast rule. One possible reason for this longer life expectancy is that female cats are less likely to wander searching for mates.

Spayed Female Cats Live Longer

To make sure your girl cat stays healthy and lives a longer life, think about getting her spayed. This not only keeps her from dealing with the challenges of pregnancy and giving birth but also lowers the chances of serious health problems like Pyometra, which is a dangerous infection in the uterus.

The Oldest Cat Ever Lived Was Female

Speaking of longevity, the title for the oldest cat ever lived goes to a female feline. Creme Puff, a remarkable kitty, lived a whopping 38 years! Her secret to a long life remains a mystery, but it’s safe to say that being a female cat played a role in her impressive lifespan.

Female Cats Can Have Kittens from More than One Father

Girl cats can partner up with more than one male cat while they’re in heat. And guess what? Sometimes, kittens from the same litter have different dads. This phenomenon is called superfecundation.

They Can Become Pregnant at 4 Months

Female kitties can become moms as early as 16 weeks old! But typically, it happens around six months of age. To avoid any unexpected baby surprises, it’s a great idea to think about getting your furry friend spayed when she’s between 4 to 6 months old.

Cat Pregnancy Lasts for Nine Weeks

Did you know that cat pregnancy is much shorter than human pregnancy? It only lasts between 60 to 65 days! If you think your female cat might be pregnant, here are some signs to look out for: she may be eating more, gaining weight suddenly (especially in the belly), her nipples may be swollen and pink, and you might notice some changes in her behavior.

Final Thoughts

The world of female cats is filled with quirks and fascinating facts that make them more marvelous. The next time you snuggle up with your kitty, remember the purrfectly amazing creature she is.

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