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9 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Cats, those mysterious and independent creatures, often have their own rules. While dogs wag their tails and give us sloppy kisses, cats show us their emotions more subtly. But how do you know if your feline friend truly loves you? Here are eight unmistakable signs that your cat sees you as their favorite human.

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They Love Spending Time With You

First, does your kitty often cuddle next to you on the couch or sit on your lap while you work? If so, it clearly indicates that your feline friend loves your company and enjoys being close to you. This behavior is a sign of affection, and it’s one of the many ways cats show their love and appreciation for their humans.

They Follow You Around

Moving on, does your cat seem to appear everywhere you go? It might be annoying at times (especially when you’re using the bathroom!), but it’s actually proof that your cat enjoys your company and wants to be involved in your activities.

Another way cats show affection is through slow blinking. Have you ever noticed your cat slowly blinking at you? This is their way of saying “I love you!” and they feel calm and happy when they are with you.

They Knead You

Remember those adorable kneading motions kittens do on their mother’s belly? This behavior, called “making biscuits,” continues into adulthood. When your cat kneads on you, it means they see you as a source of comfort and security, just like their mama cat.

They Purr

Purring is another sign of feline contentment. While sometimes it is because they want food or attention, most of the time, it means they are happy. So, next time you hear that purr, take it as a compliment – your cat trusts you and feels happy in your presence.

Bringing You Gifts

While it may not always be the best surprise, receiving “gifts” from your cat is an expression of their love. Whether it’s a freshly caught mouse or a prized toy, presenting you with their bounty is your cat’s way of showing appreciation and sharing their hunting success with you.

They Show You Their Tummy

When a kitty shows you its belly, it’s a clear sign of trust. A cat’s belly is its most vulnerable area. So, if your cat rolls over and lets you rub its tummy, it means it really is comfortable with you.

Your Cat Talks to You

While cats may not speak our language, they find ways to communicate with us. If your cat meows in your presence, it’s evidence that they see you as a valued member of their social group.

They Sleep Near You

Finally, sleep is an important time for any animal. Therefore, if your cat chooses to curl up next to you or on your lap for a nap, it means they trust you completely. You should consider it the ultimate compliment!


In the mysterious world of cats, earning their trust is a significant milestone. By recognizing and appreciating the signs of trust your feline friend displays, you can strengthen your bond and deepen your relationship with them.

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