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13 Little-known facts about black cats (Video)

For centuries, black cats have inspired legends and captured the hearts of many. Get ready to discover 13 little-known facts about them that will leave you in awe.

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1. It’s Rare To Find an All-Black Cat

Did you know that spotting an all-black cat is like finding a rare gem? It’s pretty amazing, right? There are a lot of black cats, but most of them have different colors on their whiskers, paw pads, or random patches of fur.

2. Many Cat Breeds Can Be Black, But Only One Is Always Black

Fun fact – there are 22 breeds of cats that can have solid black coloring. But, there’s one special breed that exclusively consists of black cats – the Bombay! These little feline friends look like mini black Panthers! Pretty cool, right?

3. Black cats can change their color

Wait, what? Yes, you heard that right! Black cats can change their coat color. Well, not completely, but after enjoying some time in the sun, their fur may look reddish or brownish. Don’t worry, though – their original black color will come back after they shed their fur.

4. Black Is the Most Common Feline Coat Color

Yep! It’s true! This is because the black gene is dominant. In fact, just one black fur gene from either mom or dad is enough to give a cat black fur!

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5. Many Black Cats Have Golden Eyes

Ever noticed how many black cats have eyes that shimmer like gold? It’s not just a coincidence! The pigment responsible for the black coat brings along these mesmerizing golden eyes, adding an extra layer of mystique to their look.

6. Patterns Can Be Hidden Under Black Fur

Did you know that some black cats have secret tabby stripes or spots seen in the right light? It’s all because of their genes! So, if you have a black kitty with a hidden tabby gene, you might be able to spot some faint stripes when they’re soaking up the sun. How cool is that?

7. Black Cats Are Resistant to Disease

These little panthers seem to have super immune systems. Studies have shown that black cats may have a genetic advantage when it comes to resisting certain diseases. For instance, they seem to be more resistant to FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus, aka feline HIV) than other cats.

8. Most Black Cats Tend to Be Male

Statistically, black cats tend to be more of a gentlemen’s club. For every five black cats you meet, four of them are likely to be dashing gents.

This is because the gene responsible for their beautiful black coloring is linked to the X chromosome. So, female cats (XX) need both X chromosomes to have that striking black color, while male cats (XY) only need the black gene from their mothers to show off their amazing hue.

Black cats genes

9. They are great hunters

Did you know cats are super active at night or in the early morning? That’s where our black feline friends have a clever edge – their fur color makes them extra stealthy while they’re out hunting or on exciting explorations. It’s pretty awesome, don’t you think?

10. Black cats can get grey hairs

Like us, our feline friends go through changes as they age. As your black cat gets older, you might notice they’re getting grey hair. The gray hairs on black cats are more noticeable than on other cats. But don’t worry, it’s just a natural process! This happens because of the reduction in melanin production, which is responsible for the black color of their fur.

11. In Japan, Black Cats Have Their Own Café

Japan has taken its love for cats to the next level. There is a special cat cafe – the world’s only all-black-cat cat cafe, Nekobiyaki in Himeji.

12. Two Days on the Calendar are Dedicated to Your Tiny Panther

Mark your calendars, because October 27th and August 17th are special days just for black cats! It’s a time to celebrate these graceful creatures and the joy they bring to our lives.

13. Black cats are not bad luck

Let’s bust a common myth right here and now. Black cats are not bad luck! In fact, in many cultures, they’re seen as symbols of good fortune and prosperity. So, if a black cat crosses your path, consider it a stroke of luck!

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks! Black cats are not just charming, they’re also filled with intriguing facts and hidden mysteries. Next time you cuddle up with your ebony companion, remember you’re sharing your space with a truly special creature. Embrace the enchantment of black cats!

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